The Littlest Ponies – Part 1

Source: AgentRedGirl Milkshake’s chicken keeps “mysteriously” escaping, but thankfully, Butterball comes to the rescue! It’s the third time this has happened, and Butterball has finally figured it out! Milkshake might have a lil’ crush on her! (The constant buttsniffing might’ve given it away…) Butterball will try anal-thing once, but Milkshake gets a little carried away. […]

The Littlest Ponies – Part 3

Source: AgentRedGirl Milkshake is a bit of one track mind sorta gal, but Butterball wants to take her on a date anyway. Afterall, they’re girlfriends now! Of course, Milk can’t control herself at the restaurant, and Butter has to relieve that pent up pony cock with her tight butt! But Milk isn’t entirely selfish: she […]