Her Mother’s Daughter 1

Source: AgentRedGirl It’s not easy being the guardian of an angsty futa, but Jaylah could’ve knocked before trying to get Hazel’s laundry. How could Hazel be raw-dogging and ass-fingering such a tasteless goth, in her own home? While Jaylah remains single and forced to jack off in her loneliness?! The busty, plus-sized milf definitely has […]

Her Mother’s Daughter 2

Source: AgentRedGirl Jaylah tries to talk to Hazel, but the younger futa leaves in a pissy huff. This living situation is taxing on everyone, and Hazel just wants to get out, but her lusty girlfriend is more interested in getting “off”. Hazel gets a deepthroat blowjob that does make her feel better…at least a little. […]

Her Mother’s Daughter 3

Source: AgentRedGirl Hazel gets home late, and Jaylah tries to confess her feelings and apologize. Hazel won’t have it, and storms off, leaving the lonely housewife to wallow. It’s been a hard road, but Hazel doesn’t hate Jaylah. She proves it later that night by sneaking into bed and pouring loads of girl cum in […]

Her Mother’s Daughter 4

Source: AgentRedGirl Hazel seems to have warmed up to Jaylah, in a “pull the condom off and cum in me” kinda way! The stacked milf has never felt better, but Hazel is ready for a thick breakfast. Jaylah is a bit shy about her much smaller cock, but the horny daughter is more concerned about […]