The Legend of Zink 1 – A Mother in Heat

Source: pinkstables The adventure loving futa, Zink, is just about to practice her archery when an emergency strikes! Her poor mother is suffering from a bout of dreadful heat, and her other mother is out fighting evil. Thankfully, Zink is a dutiful daughter and a fast learner: she’s eager to learn how to drain a […]

Mary’s First Time – Part 2 – Mary’s First Anal

Source: AgentRedGirl Mary wasn’t always a confident, sexual dynamo. Like all futanari, even she had her firsts, and getting her tight, virgin ass stuffed was no exception. Mandy Bear, her affectionate first love, is more than happy to accommodate Mary’s anal desires, but the shy futa isn’t expecting such an intense, cum-filled experience! Previous Next

Mary’s First Time – Part 3 – Mary’s First Time on Top

Source: AgentRedGirl Mary is head over heels for Amanda, but their relationship isn’t perfect. When Mandy suggests being the “bottom” Mary’s secret insecurities arise. With a little coaxing, however, she’ll be anally topping like a professional dommy mommy! Even if the finish is a bit “premature…” Previous Next

Mary’s First Time – Part 4 – Mary’s First Heartbreak

Source: AgentRedGirl Despite all the great sex, there’s a reason Mary’s first relationship got off to such a rocky start. After all, the life of a futa isn’t all big cocks and rainbows cumshots, but Mary’ll be damned if she ends up being another lonely divorcee! While drowning her sorrows in shots, she finds a […]

Mary’s First Time – Part 5 – Mary’s First Affair

Source: AgentRedGirl Futanari are extremely fertile, and Mary Hard found this out the “hard” way. She’s always loved being called Mommy, but now that she actually is one, things are different. Still, having been away from her ex for over a year has stirred up old feelings (She’s been self-fucking alot!) Amanda might love getting […]

Lily Meadows 1

Source: pinkstables Young, spunky and well hung, Lily Meadows leads the life of an ordinary girl “cumming” of age. When her bossy mom orders her to take care of Daisy, Lily hops to it, but she notices that her favorite pet seems to have certain needs. Lily has needs, too, and soon she’s exploring and […]

Lilly Meadows 2

Source: pinkstables Lily has been tasked to get more milk from Miss Berry, but she’s amazed by what she finds in the barn! Miss Berry is getting down and dirty with Sussy, and Lily can’t take her eyes off the scene. What surprises Lily more, is that Sussy gets a turn, too! Miss Berry hardly […]

Lilly Meadows 3

Source: pinkstables Lily’s mom might be grumpy because she needs to get laid, but the cute plumber looks promising! Lily, however, has her own afternoon goals: she’s determined to let Daisy have a turn breeding her! Taking a lesson from Miss Berry, Lily gives up her cute ass to a tonguing before taking it deep […]

The Littlest Ponies – Part 1

Source: AgentRedGirl Milkshake’s chicken keeps “mysteriously” escaping, but thankfully, Butterball comes to the rescue! It’s the third time this has happened, and Butterball has finally figured it out! Milkshake might have a lil’ crush on her! (The constant buttsniffing might’ve given it away…) Butterball will try anal-thing once, but Milkshake gets a little carried away. […]

The Littlest Ponies – Part 2

Source: AgentRedGirl Milkshake is a bit of one track mind sorta gal, but Butterball wants to take her on a date anyway. Afterall, they’re girlfriends now! Of course, Milk can’t control herself at the restaurant, and Butter has to relieve that pent up pony cock with her tight butt! But Milk isn’t entirely selfish: she […]