The Littlest Ponies – Part 3

Source: AgentRedGirl Milkshake is a bit of one track mind sorta gal, but Butterball wants to take her on a date anyway. Afterall, they’re girlfriends now! Of course, Milk can’t control herself at the restaurant, and Butter has to relieve that pent up pony cock with her tight butt! But Milk isn’t entirely selfish: she […]

Maggie’s Hard – Part 1

Source: AgentRedGirl As a young futa of a certain age, Maggie’s body is overtaken by strong, sexual urges. Between wet dreams and sniffing Mary’s panties, she’s almost always hard, but having such a hot teacher is even worse! Maggie’s endless fantasies have her stroking, moaning and cumming at school nonstop! Will she really be able […]

Maggie’s Hard – Part 2

Miss Bennet has had quite enough of Maggie falling asleep in class and drawing lewd pictures! The teen futanari fully expects to be punished, but the teacher has something else in mind. Buttstuff. It’s buttstuff. Maggie gets a mouthful (and nosefull!) of sweet futa ass, and even gets to experience her first creampie finish! Really, […]

Her Mother’s Daughter 1

Source: AgentRedGirl It’s not easy being the guardian of an angsty futa, but Jaylah could’ve knocked before trying to get Hazel’s laundry. How could Hazel be raw-dogging and ass-fingering such a tasteless goth, in her own home? While Jaylah remains single and forced to jack off in her loneliness?! The busty, plus-sized milf definitely has […]

Her Mother’s Daughter 2

Source: AgentRedGirl Jaylah tries to talk to Hazel, but the younger futa leaves in a pissy huff. This living situation is taxing on everyone, and Hazel just wants to get out, but her lusty girlfriend is more interested in getting “off”. Hazel gets a deepthroat blowjob that does make her feel better…at least a little. […]

Her Mother’s Daughter 3

Source: AgentRedGirl Hazel gets home late, and Jaylah tries to confess her feelings and apologize. Hazel won’t have it, and storms off, leaving the lonely housewife to wallow. It’s been a hard road, but Hazel doesn’t hate Jaylah. She proves it later that night by sneaking into bed and pouring loads of girl cum in […]

Her Mother’s Daughter 4

Source: AgentRedGirl Hazel seems to have warmed up to Jaylah, in a “pull the condom off and cum in me” kinda way! The stacked milf has never felt better, but Hazel is ready for a thick breakfast. Jaylah is a bit shy about her much smaller cock, but the horny daughter is more concerned about […]